A collaboration with Galeria Moura Marsiaj

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The meal #3.

An interactive food expeice curated by Sarah Colson at Moura Marsiaj Gallery, Sao Paulo

The aim of this project was to see how a group of people could work together to create a three-course meal. The challenge was to consider all areas of the eating process, including using the ingredients supplied to replace crockery and cutlery. To encourage diversity within the process I gave key aspects to consider whilst they completed the task; functionality, aesthetics, taste, experimentation and waste. The chef/diners were allowed to utilise the resources around them, which included the Internet and recipe books.

Many different processes were used and interesting combinations were created. The event was a huge success as celebration to the gallery opening their new location in Sao Paulo. As a result I have been requested to repeat this performance several times over.

‘The Meal’ is an ongoing project that works with different communities building relationships with food, encouraging creativity and working as a team.

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