A collaboration with Aimee Betts


A chance meeting in a London gallery reconnected Sarah Colson and Aimee Betts, a couple of successful young designers in their own right, they went on to collaborate on the award winning Clara Lux lighting collection. 

The back story

Sarah and Aimee knew each other from having attended the Royal College of Art (RCA) at the same time. Although both of their undergraduate degrees were in textile related areas their professional and RCA paths had differed some what. Sarah had gone down a product design route whereas Aimee had continued with a more traditional textile path, specialising in embroidery and working in the fashion industry. Having followed each other's progress with interest, on bumping into each other, they soon found themselves embroiled in a collaboration for the 2016 Maison et Objet, in Paris.

The collaboration

Sarah was in need of an external influence for her next lighting collection and found an easy and inspiring partner in Aimee. Over the years Aimee had developed a deep knowledge and intellectual understanding of colour, in contrast to Sarah's more intuitive use of it. Sarah was excited at the prospect of introducing such an entirely different approach to the colour used in a lighting collection. Where previously the cables had been a simple, if dramatic, accessory to the lamps and their shades, now they became an intrinsic part of the overall design and an impressively detailed feature. The images below were taken for an article featured in Darc Magazine, they show the designers at work in the midst of their collaborative design process, reviewing the colours and forms that would be incorporated into the end products.

The outcome

The team worked together to create three single pendant lighting solutions, each with their own unique tri-colour palate. The pendants could be hung individually or, for a more dramatic effect, as part of a set. The collection was a great success and received the Lava Award 2016, given for 'Best Design' at the Potentiale exhibition. The full Clara Lux collection can be viewed in our journal and can be purchased in our online shop.


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