Custom architectural lighting project: Arundel

This architectural lighting installation was created for a residential property in Arundel, West Sussex. The feature comprised sixteen glass drop, designs from the Vitro Lux Cluster, in green and smokey grey. The chandelier hang the height of four storeys on deep grey fabric flex cables from chrome light fittings .

The brief 

To create a lighting fixture to drop through a stairwell covering four floors, with the lights visible on all four floors. Additionally, as a practical consideration, the bulbs had to be accessible to the stairwell so that they could be changed easily.

The process

The studio was invited to attend a site visit to measure the space, take in the context in which the feature would sit and assess any practical design considerations.  Subsequently, four permutations of the design were submitted to the client. Each design used a different variation of arrangement and shape of borosilicate glass shade. One of these variations was chosen and then the colour of the glass shades and flex was further customised.

The installation

The installation was carried out by a contractor with the studio on site to ensure there were no issues. The conservation of the existing architectural features of the house had to be sympathetically managed, with a custom  ceiling rose made to fit within the existing plaster mould.  

Sarah ColsonComment