Custom lighting range: West Elm


Sarah Colson Studio collaborated with West Elm to produce a beautiful new range with the studio as its namesake. The collection launched in 2015 and comprised three pieces, two single pendant lights and one clustered chandelier.

The design of the collection was inspired by the studio's award winning Vitro Lux Collection, winner of the Elle Decoration Best Newcomer Award 2015. The studio worked with the West Elm designers to explore the limits of borosilicate glass manufacture, to create something that really lauded the material.

Usually found in lab equipment, the durable and heat resistant glass is perfect for lighting purposes. Combined with antique brass finished fittings, the lights can be hung in a range of locations, wherever they are located they are sure to add a touch of drama, be it a stairwell, a dining room or a bedroom.

Sarah Colson single pendant lights

The ellipse-shaped pendants have a diameter of 13cm and a height, including stem, of 25cm and come in a choice of two tinted finishes, smoke or turquoise. They have a clear fluted glass stem and an adjustable hanging height, ranging from 25cm to 208cm.

Sarah Colson clustered chandelier

The chandelier is made up of five candelabra spherical shades. Each shade is shaped like a maraca and features an open, hollow bottom and fluted stem that diffuse light beautifully. At 43cm high the chandelier forms a striking centre piece for any room, its adjustable hanging height ranges from 43cm to 226cm.

These products can only be purchased directly from West Elm.

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