Custom Lighting: Reception desk

This custom lighting installation was a request from an overseas client looking to improve the reception area of their workspace. The studio were asked to pay particular attention to colour, space and light.

The brief 

The client asked to see CGI mock ups of the space and how the studio could envisage a positive change with colour and lighting.

The process

Images of the space were provided to the studio and a virtual tour was given. Initially the reception desk and background were all white, creating a very stark and clinical feel. It was felt this did not reflect a welcoming atmosphere and it was decided the space should be given a bold pop of colour.

The colour allowed the pretty glass lights to playfully pop out from the background, drawing lines through the space with the cables. We also reflected these drawings with gold decals on the bottom of the reception desk to emphasise their integrity to the design.

Current Status

As the building is going through a full redesign, the project is estimated to be installed in December 2019.

Sarah ColsonComment