Design residency: Romania


This project was made possible as a result of a design residency organised through Grampus Heritage, a not for profit organisation that supports European projects concerned with culture, heritage, archaeology and the environment. 

The project was a true celebration of cultural heritage. Set on a farm in rural Romania, with a lack of transport and minimal means of communication, a brief was constructed to design from the farm for the farm. This meant that the project's output had to be created from whatever materials were immediately locally available. 

A mixture of lime slip and natural pigments were mixed to create three different shades of hardwearing paint. A design was devised that both borrowed from the local traditional cross-stitch heritage and that could be realised using basic printing tools. Potatoes grown on the farm were then carved into those print tools. A series of dots were marked on the wall so the pattern could be created with ease.

The finished product was an impressive mural that fulfilled the brief. The design process has since been used in other countries, following the same methodology, with the identity of a place being celebrated in a textile pattern traditional to that culture and using media natural to the specific location.

Sarah ColsonComment