The Grid Collection was launched at designjunction 2018 at the same time as Sarah Colson Studio launched their collaboration with Debenhams.

The process and inspiration

The idea for this collection began in response to the design challenge to find a use for the off-cuts of glass generated at the glass workshop the Sarah Colson Studio works with. The final design used a thin piece of laminated wood to suspend each of the pendant’s elements from. The piece of wood was laser cut to the size of the cylinder it needed to fit inside and a central hole was cut to accommodate the lighting unit. The edge of the glass tube was rolled at one end, to create a shelf to catch the piece of wood, then the piece of wood was hung from the collar of the lighting unit. This stacking of the various elements ensured no further fixtures were required as they all balanced securely in place, once hung.

The geometric and organic patterns that feature on the shades were developed using vinyl cut outs and chalk pens, respectively.

The collection

The range comprises a variety of differently sized glass cylinders, each with a unique pattern. The collection has lamps with four different diameter measurements, each of which has a different length. As the diameter gets smaller the length of the shade gets longer. This variety of height and width makes for a dramatic chandelier, when the individual pendants are arranged in a cluster. The variety of pendants turns the buyer into the designer, as they create their very own unique chandelier configuration.


These designs are currently one offs and will be put into production in early 2019.

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