Home Sweet Home


A project in collaboration with photographer Anna BatchelorHome Sweet Home was a body of work that told the story of a progressively dispersed community in southeast London. The community were the residents of the Ferrier Estate, Kidbrooke, a very large social housing estate, earmarked for demolition to make way for a housing new development. The new housing development only housed 25% of the original population of the estate, with the rest being forcibly rehoused elsewhere.

The collaboration focused on the human experience of regeneration, with Batchelor taking portraits of the remaining residents of the Ferrier in the context of the changing estate. Colson, by contrast, fused the craft of cross-stitch embroidery with quotations from Ferrier residents and imagery from the estate in its state of developmental flux. 

The exhibition took place as a guerrilla exhibition on the estate and at a later date at the SHOPWORK Gallery on Bellenden Road, Peckham Rye.  A documentary film was produced by Zaunka and a book documenting the residents perspectives, as well as the artists work, was produced.

Sarah ColsonComment