The Vitro Lux Collection was launched at the UK's leading design fair in September 2014 at the designjunction show in London.

This was the Sarah Colson Studio's second collection. Having been well received the collection went on to win the Elle Decoration award 2015 for best newcomer to lighting.

Design process & inspiration

The inspiration for the Vitro Lux Collection comes from the beauty found in the balance of form and colour in our surroundings, combined with a desire to explore all the possibilities hand blown borosilicate glass could afford, including colour.

Sarah's design process involved making 3D sketches from a variety of bits and pieces she has accumulated over the years in her studio. They can be as varied as brightly coloured wires, fishing tackle, sewing machine parts or woven baskets. Whatever she had lying around she would bind, stick, wrap and incorporate into families of 'little monsters'. These monsters were then transformed into the beautiful hand blown shapes that made up the Vitro Lux Collection and combined with colourful cables.

The collection

The final collection is made up of beautifully soft-hued and clear glass contemporary pendants and chandeliers. The contrasting coloured flex complimenting the overall design. The full collection comprises:

  • Vitro Lux 5 pendant cluster chandelier*

  • Vitro Lux 3 pendant cluster chandelier*

  • Vitro Lux single pendant in clear and teal

  • Vitro Lux single pendant in orange and grey

  • Vitro Lux single pendant in teal and violet

  • Vitro Lux Mixer desk lamp in orange and grey

  • Vitro Lux Mixer desk lamp in yellow and teal


All of the collection is available to purchase through the Sarah Colson Studio online shop. *The two Vitro Lux pendant cluster options can be scaled up to create bigger chandeliers by simply purchasing multiple products and combining them. Brick and mortar stockists include:

This collection can be customised on a commission basis only. Please contact the studio to discuss your specific requirements. 

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