Vitro Vas Collection was launched in Paris at the Maison Objet in January 2015.   

This was the first collection for the Sarah Colson Studio that focused on vases, the Vitro Vas Collection complimented the earlier Vitro Lux Collection of the previous September.

The Collection

By creating a series of vases somewhat reminiscent of laboratory beakers and test tubes, the new collection looked to reference the traditional usage of the borosilicate glass more openly. Sarah continued her exploration of this material's potential by experimenting with a variety of new textures, each refracting the natural light in a different way.

The finished effect is a range of delicately formed vessels, each with a unique texture and highlighted with rich colourful tones. Individually they are things of beauty but as collection, of two of more, they make a elegantly colourful spectacle.

The collection comprises five vases, varying in height from 15cm to 38cm, it includes the following products:

  • Vitro Vas in teal

  • Vitro Vas in amber

  • Vitro Vas in grey

  • Vitro Vas in violet

  • Vitro Vas in clear


The collection is available to purchase through the Sarah Colson Studio online shop and select stockists.

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